Welcome to The Pampered Pullets Farm blog. I will be sharing lots of pertinent information about the raising and caring for backyard chickens. This is my passion and I have been caring for chickens in one capacity or another for the last 47 plus years. Because there is no school in the U.S. that teaches what I do, it is up to me to research and learn from outside sources which takes me, via the internet, to places such as Egypt, Israel, China, South Africa, and the U.K. to name a few so that I might learn advanced studies of the care and welfare of chickens kept for non-commercial purposes. I also use my own birds for study purposes in the fields of avian psychology and avian welfare.

Chickens are not the stupid, dirty creatures they have been made out to be through the years, in fact they are very intelligent, sentient creatures capable of a wide range of emotions and complex thought processes.

Above the research aspect, I use my farm and my experiences to help teach people how to care for their backyard flock so that they too might have an enjoyable experience. I do things a bit differently around here, I try to find the easiest, most carefree ways to care for the birds yet still give them the maximum amount of love, understanding, and stimulation as possible.

So I welcome each and every one of you, whether you are 8 or 80 and I look forward to being able to share a vast amount of knowledge with you and look forward to your replies and discussions.

Thank You

Eric Lofgren – Flock Master – The Pampered Pullets Farm

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