In addition to being a Flock Master, I am also a writer. Most of the time I am working on one book or another but every once in a while I will sit and compose a short story or poem about chickens. When I was just starting to write my first book I was trying to come up with a catchy title and subsequently coined the phrase “Talking Chickenese” which has, over the years, been what my works have become known by. I also use it in association with the long list of abbreviations and slang terms used when describing different aspects of raising chickens such as if you might hear someone at a poultry show state that they have a SQ BB Red OEGB that meets the ABA SOP which would translate to having a Show Quality, Black Breasted Red, Old English Game Bantam that meets the American Bantam Association Standard of Perfection thus Talking Chickenese.

The pages found here are some of those works.