The drop down menu under the Help Topics heading leads you to a wide variety of information pertaining to the care and welfare of backyard chickens. As with anything, pertinent and correct information changes constantly and what works for one may not work for another. The information provided is based on my personal experiences.



Though I have many years experience working with chickens I am not a veterinarian. I try to keep any information readable for all ages but realize these are living creatures we are talking about and so some information may not be suitable for all.


Welcome to the world of chickens.

With the new age of backyard poultry and many of these birds becoming more of a pet than simple livestock, people have begun to take notice and are working hard to set some type of standard for general care and well being. Great strides have been made in incubation procedures, genetics and everyday care of poultry. But just like human medicine and technology, the world of poultry keeping is an ever changing science. It is by all of us sharing in knowledge that we learn what might work best for each given situation.

In this section, we will have sub-sections that deal with diseases, incubation and daily general care. Keep in mind that what works for one person does not mean that it will necessarily work for everyone. We in no way claim to be neither veterinarians nor do we claim that the information posted here is the only path available. These pages are merely a guideline to help you in your own research into the care of your flock.