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Who We Are

The Pampered Pullets Farm is not a large, commercial, impersonal hatchery. We are less, but oh so much more than that. We are a large backyard facility with an average count of around 225 birds and we hatch around 1000 chicks each year.

We humbly started out with just two small chicks, a Buff Orpington and an Ameraucana, in a home-built brooder on the kitchen table. But who were we trying to kid? This is our addiction. We are a NPIP certified poultry farm raising primarily production breeds of poultry such as Barred Rocks, Delaware’s, and New Hampshire Reds. We also raise a few complimentary bantam breeds. There are other breeds of chickens here on the farm; we just don't use them for breeding purposes.

From those humble beginnings, we found ourselves growing by leaps and bounds in a semi-controlled way. But we have never wanted to be like those huge hatcheries. It is our mission to treat our guests and customers the same way we treat our chickens: with respect, personal service, knowledge and a whole lot of pampering.

In this time of a wavering economy and uncertainty, more and more people are turning back time to an age of the back yard flock. For most people, this is their first time raising chickens, and if you are one of these people, we welcome you to the enjoyment that chickens can bring. If you are a seasoned flock master, we welcome you as well and look forward to being able to exchange information and tips with you.

It is our hope that you will find this site both helpful and entertaining and that you find yourself returning time and time again to share in our joy of raising chickens not only for their meat and eggs but more so as pets and part of your extended family. Chickens are our passion, we raised our children, and now we raise our chickens as our chickdren.

We Thank You for taking the time to review our website and we hope that you find it to your liking. Please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments through our contact page.

We look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future.

Eric Lofgren and The Staff at

The Pampered Pullets Farm

Chickens are my passion. For the past 48 plus years, I have had chickens in one capacity or another. I got my first chicken, Henrietta, when I was just 7 years old and she was the greatest thing to me. Over the years I have had thousands of chickens and hatched thousands more. When I first started with Henrietta, this was way before the internet was conceived and so there was not a lot of reliable information out there on the care and welfare of chickens. Over the years it has become my mission, as well as my passion, to combine my two loves of chickens and writing, and through countless hours of research, bring as much up to date and reliable information to those wishing to raise chickens just as I did so many years ago.

Eric Lofgren

Flock Master

Chickens have only been in the United States for the last few hundred years and so we, as a nation, are quite lacking in knowledge of the care and raising of backyard chickens and there is no school where one can go to learn and so my research takes me,

thanks to the internet, to countries such as Egypt, China, Israel, and the U.K. where chickens have been maintain non-commercially for thousands of years. I glean this information, transcribe it into text that anybody can understand and share it with as many of you as possible so we can all have a positive chicken experience. What is sad is that there is so much bad or mis-information out there and I have received calls and letters from folks who have destroyed their whole flock because that is what they were told to do or because they "read it on the internet". It is my goal to bring you the most up to date information and help you to gain that passion for chickens that I have through positive experience and knowledge.