The Backyard Chicken Bible

This is an easy to follow, comprehensive guide to raising chickens in your backyard. Whether it is 3 or 300, the principles are the same. I walk you through raising chicks, understanding your chickens, as well as many other subjects.

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Flock Master & Author

Even a flock master needs a vacation once in a while. That is not to say that the girls didn't want to come along, maybe next year.

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Young to Old

From their first moment in this world, every one of our chicks is personally cared for. Whether mama knows best or we provide animal husbandry, we do our best to provide even the smallest with the best care. Some come into this world being physically or mentally challenged, or maybe they are brought to us in need of special care, we use our research and vast knowledge to find the best way to care for each and every one.

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The Pampered Pullets Farm is a large backyard chicken facility dedicated to the understanding and raising of healthy chickens. These feathered friends are our pets and they teach us every day how they want and need to be cared for both physically and mentally.

I, Eric Lofgren, have the responsibility of both flock master and also as a writer and have combined the two passions to bring you The Backyard Chicken Bible (F+W Media), as well as numerous handouts and flyers to better equip you on your own journey to becoming a flock master.

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